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4 Tips to Reach Sales Success

At Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, we owe much of our success to the dedicated and talented Sales professionals throughout the company. Whether they are building strong customer relationships, introducing products, or assisting with tastings, our Sales professionals play a vital role in making Southern Glazer’s one of the world’s most distinguished wine and spirits companies.

Our Sales professionals make their jobs seem easy, but it takes a lot of hard work, passion, and practice to perfect the art of Sales.

Ready to take your Sales career to the next level? Here are four tips that will lead you to Sales success!

1. Set goals

Setting goals is important to both personal and business success! Start out by creating “activity” goals, such as establishing how many calls to make in a day or scheduling in-person meetings with customers. Next, create “result” goals – for example, defining both ideal and realistic monthly sales goals, or level setting how many new accounts you want to acquire per month. Lastly, write these goals down! It will help focus your attention and track progress.



2. Have a positive attitude

Sales is a relationship-oriented career, so having a friendly, can-do attitude is essential. Showing positivity can instill confidence in our customers, improve relationships with accounts, and ease tension if a deal does not pan out. A good attitude goes a long way in Sales, makes you an enjoyable person to work with, and adds to Southern Glazer’s spirit of success!


3. Manage your time

Sales is a fast-paced career, so smart time management is vital to your success! Start by creating an organized and detailed schedule of daily tasks and appointments. Once your schedule is created, test the actual time it takes to complete a task and adjust the schedule if needed. This will not only help you stay on track but will also maximize your time on the bigger tasks at hand.


4. Pay close attention to the needs of customers

To provide the services that customers desire, you need to ask the right questions, listen carefully, and then respond in a way that proves you are in tune with what they are asking. Closing a deal with a customer as quickly as possible may seem ideal, but taking extra time to create a plan that gives the customer exactly what they want and need will speak volumes about your sales expertise.


Eager to demonstrate your Sales savvy? Apply for an opportunity to join the Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Sales team today!

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